I bought this rare LHD Consul Capri wreck near Heidelberg July 2005.

many parts missing. the Capri badge (hood) was stolen in the first night outside the barn at  Lobbach-Lobenfeld.

complete disassemled- sandblasted-few areas welded. 1500 engine-totally disconnected- from vienna . much time wasted finding parts, restoring technic

paintjob August 2008

back on the road July 2009.

absolute great car !

2010 I bought a 4 dr. Consul 315 deluxe- complete and a bit better condition

EkkeConsulLobbach 7 05 a

EkkeConsulLobbach 7 05 b

Capri gestr


CC Powertrain



Weihnachten 08 007

P7b 182

30.7.09 vo